8 March The Week in Reading

In my post last week I needed a distinct change of pace to forget the disturbing themes in the last book I’d finished. I succeeded.

First I finished the audiobook I’d been listening to for a while: Reamde.Take the resources and varying interests of one billionaire, a bunch of extreme gamer nerds, a couple of national intelligence agencies, and one of the world’s most notorious terrorists, set on a collision course by a nefarious computer virus, and you have a formula for some real action once it succeeds in capturing your attention. At times I was bored, but ultimately it was a satisfying read.

For my next kindle reads I turned to two books that were  a change of pace for me, and read them more or less simultaneously. I alternated chapters until Big Little Liesdemanded my full attention. I read very little of what is generally called “chick lit” so found myself surprised at the quality of writing by this very popular author. Liane Moriarty is skilled at dialogue and getting character motivations just right. What seemed a light read eventually turned quite serious and I found it to be a thoroughly worthwhile read.

Interspersed with this, I finally got around to reading BJ Novak’s collection of short stories of which I’d heard so much when it was released last year. Yes, he’s a comic actor and his offbeat sense of humor is on full display in One More Thing: Stories and Other Storiesbut he’s also a gifted writer. He mocks and skewers hypocrisies in current culture, and at other times is quite thought provoking. Not all of the sixty plus stories are terrific, but many are and I really enjoyed the collection.


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  1. […] collection of short stories (either by one person or an anthology by many people) One More Thing: Stories and More Stories  […]

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