Without making full posts on each of these books, I need to update the list of (new-to-me) classics that I’ve read in 2015, since I’m participating in the Back to the Classics Challenge

First up was Treasure Island. I’m certain that I’m not in the right demographic to fully appreciate this one; if I were a ten year old boy I would probably have loved it. I would have enjoyed it more than I did if I’d encountered it while I was still reading aloud to my daughter. Actually, she would probably enjoy that even now, except that she’s kept pretty busy as full-time R.N. and mom to two active little boys. But I digress. I’m glad I now have read Treasure Island, as I’ll better understand references to Long John Silver and the like, but I doubt it’s one I’ll read and read again. Unless I get the chance to share with my grandsons as they grow up!

The second book I read last week for the first time was The Wizard of Oz. If I hadn’t read it, I’d never have known that Dorothy wore silver shoes rather than ruby slippers — or that the flying monkeys weren’t as scary as I always thought from the movie! Again, I might be slightly beyond the prime target for this, as I’m not sure I need to read the complete 14-book series, but I enjoyed this one.

However, I think for my next classic or two, I’ll go back to the more grown-up books on my TBR pile.


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