What a fun way to begin February

During the many years I was a single mom, my daughter and I enjoyed watching and watching and re-watching many animal-themed movies. One of our favorites was Babe, 1995, about a pig that learned to manage sheep simply by being polite. I didn’t know there was a corresponding book until I found this one on Audible a few weeks ago. This morning I began listening to it while I folded laundry, loaded the dishwasher and found other chores around the house. What a delight it was. The movie and book track so closely that most of the dialogue matches up, and it was a terrific walk down memory lane.

For the uninitiated, Babe is a piglet that comes to live at the Hoggett farm after Farmer H wis a prize at the local fair. He is adopted by the Hoggetts’ sheepdog and goes on to prove his worth (and intelligence) in working with sheep. The key, of course, is good manners.

I’m counting this one as my audiobook for the Read Harder challenge.


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