Not like any mission story I’ve ever read

Let me just say I’ve read at least dozens, perhaps hundreds of missionary stories. And while The Book of Strange New Thingsis unlike any I’ve ever read, I was pleased to find that it didn’t skew the Christian perspective or make a mockery of it. Sure, I’d have to call it sci-fi, but it didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth regarding its portrayal of faith and religion. In fact, it made me think more deeply about some of my own beliefs.

That said, it was also a very good story. Peter Leigh accepts an assignment to go and minister to the inhabitants of another world, even though it meant leaving behind his supportive wife Bea, for a period of time. Even as her messages to him show that our own world is falling into chaos he finds his work absorbing and meaningful. The strain of separation during difficult times takes its toll, but Faber doesn’t cheapen the story by pulling any literary tricks or surprise changes in motivation.

Beautifully written and worth a read.


2 Comments on “Not like any mission story I’ve ever read”

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