Back to the Classics Challenge

I had said that I was done with adding challenges for the year ahead, but I’m impulsively jumping in on this one. I enjoy reading “the classics”, whether the book winds up on my most loved list or not. We were talking about this subject in an online group to which I belong and which provides much of my daily social life, and discussed how from the point of cultural references alone, it can be helpful to have read a book, even if we won’t ever feel compelled to go back and read it again. For me, Moby Dickis one of those… but I’m glad I’ve read it.  Each year I try making sure that I read at least five new-to-me classics. To that end, I’ve decided to accept the Back to the Classics Challenge that Karen is hosting over at her Books and Chocolate blog. There are twelve categories and none are required. Eligibility for prizes is based on how many categories one completes.  Check out the link for yourselves to see complete details, but here are the categories:

1. 19th century classic  Treasure Island  2/8/15

2. 20th century classic (but must have been published at least 50 years ago)  A Separate Peace 3/31/15

3. classic written by a woman

4. classic in translation

5. very long classic ( > 500 pages)  Anna Karenina  5/27/15

6. classic novella  The Stranger  4/21/15

7. classic with person’s name in title  The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie  2/25/15

8. humorous or satirical classic The Inspector-General  3/30/15

9. forgotten classic

10. nonfiction classic  Up From Slavery  4/19/15

11. children’s classic  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz  2/8/15

12. classic play   A Doll’s House  1/23/15

And that’s it. I can’t promise critical reviews, but I will at least mention the books that I choose and what I thought of them. I love reading new books, but always have room for some classics as well. As of 5/28/15 I have completed nine of the 12 challenges.


3 Comments on “Back to the Classics Challenge”

  1. […] do, regardless of society’s expectations. Good for her. I’m counting this on toward my Back to the Classics challenge, for which one requirement was to read a play. I enjoyed it so much I will seek out more […]

  2. […] being readable, and short. And because it qualifies toward two of my reading challenges this year: Back to the Classics (I’m using it to qualify as A Classic with a Person’s Name in the Title), and the […]

  3. […] As the end of March loomed, I realized I hadn’t yet read anything for my literary birthday challenge (anything by a dead author who was born during this calendar month) so I found The Inspector-Generalby Nikolai Gogol. This is a comedy of misunderstandings in a small Russian village where absolutely everyone in office (major or minor) is corrupt. The rumor starts that someone is here from the government to inspect how they are performing their jobs and everyone tries to outdo the others in impressing the young man they are certain holds their fate in his hands. It was an amusing, quick read and will meet not only the literary birthday challenge but another task in the Read Harder challenge as well as one in the Back to the Classics challenge. […]

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