Gulliver’s Travels, by Jonathan Swift

Monday, 7 January 2013

Although I had never read this book, I did know that it was supposed to be at least partly a political commentary aimed at the government of Swift’s time. I also knew that a traveler wandered into a country where everyone around him was much, much smaller than he was. I knew the term Lilliputians. What I didn’t know was that this was simply the opening chapter of what wound up feeling like a v-e-r-y long set of chapters, each with a different twist on what “different” looks like.

The second chapter (where Gulliver was the little one) was actually my favorite. But pretty soon the whole thing just wound up feeling like a political rant on how stupid government is and eventually, how stupid people are, and it stopped feeling like a story. I can’t stand much of Fox News either, or implicitly left-oriented news. I don’t like to be battered over the head with what I should think, and I don’t like my stories to be left in the dust by an author’s rant.

So I didn’t enjoy the book. If it weren’t a Classic, I would have given up on it before finishing, but I do like to know what the classics are about and be able to understand references to them in the future. I seriously doubt I will be revisiting this during my lifetime, however.

For expanding my literary background, I give it 3 stars. I was never happy with a C in school and I don’t consider 3 stars to be a compliment, but I finished it!

To pick up this free, public domain classic, click


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