Why a blog?

A recovering accountant, I’ve always appreciated the keeping of records related to nearly anything that’s important to me. Near the top of that list would be books. I really wish I had started keeping a list of books read starting when I was about four years old, but sadly, the first 25 years of my reading  life* went by uncharted. I can tell you every book I have read since 1992 and how much I liked or didn’t like any book since 1993. I cannot tell you much of anything else about the large majority of those titles. For a while I kept a nice little FileMaker database and wrote a 1-2 paragraph review of each book as I finished it. Gave that up after a few years.

My intent is to start capturing more of the intangibles and unmeasurables for my favorite pastime in 2013 and beyond. One of my goals for the year is to spend a few minutes capturing my thoughts on every book I finish, a day or two after finishing. My subconscious will have time to let it settle for a few hours, but not so much time that my forgetter can start to erase my memories.

If you are reading this, it means I decided to put myself on the record and let someone/anyone know about my efforts. Stay tuned to see if I find my voice.

Denise (aka “Nisi”)

*note: that’s not the same as my chronological life


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